Friday, August 31, 2007

You Do you see that mirroe on the left pic? yeah..Was there last thursday:0 with my babay... that main corner... we danced, we kissed..he gave me BIGG HUGGS S & KKKISSESS :) I could not imagine... after being here in DUbai for almost 5 years..first time in my life to be with a boyfriend...:0 hhhh such a great memory... sucha wonderful guy :(
THURSDAY The Big Cheese No one moved the big cheese, it's right here at Scarlett's. This is the night that everybody is talking about. The resident DJ at Scarlett's brings you your favourite hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s, every Thursday night from 8.30pm to 2.00am. This is the highlight of the week to live it up for all generations. Make Scarlett's your date for the night and look forward to a brilliant mix of both atmosphere and offering.

It was almost time to reach the 08:15 bus back home... Thursday night.. traffic is on in dubai..everyone is getting ready to have a great weekend memory... Lovers are preparing to have a memorable wonderful night with their baby...

Me? i received a call from a very dear Jordanian friend, who is actually a galleria tenant of HRD. He called to ask how Iam, and wanted to take me out for lunch the next day.. I told him that my mom is in the country and surprisingly told me to bring my mom so he can finally meet her formally..then I had a big smile on my face.. nice to know that there are people who really want to please me... very nice :)
After that phone call. UNO asked why there is something wrong with my work... I pretented to be so serious looking into the project and I let him took my phone and then he checked the received call... its Husam...
UNO: "Who is Husam?" with a very proud face... :Z
MITZ@25: Ah he's my best friend remember? the guest I was talking to in the lobby the night we went home very late?
UNO: and what does ge want from you?
MITZ@25: he just called to say hi and know my where abouts...:) and he's inviting me to have lunch tomorrow and I told him that mom is here... and then he suddenly suggested to bring my mom as well, so he can finally meet her personally and formally..nice words ... hahahaha

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