Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is this the end of my Fairytale LOVE STORY?

Ohhh.. Im so fed up of all these shits.. How could I ever stop if the guy is just in front of me.. 5 days a week... 12 hours a day? HOW? Just 10 minutes ago, I asked him if he misses me..he said no"You messed up big time!" well... thank you!

I know his thoughts are all made up, for him to be able to leave me behind.. I guess his life is in the right track again and so I have to suffer again in a way that I will just back off without fighting back.. because then I will just naturally realize how stupid I was for believing the DEVIL that I perceives to be my ANGEL...

Then I had a second thought.. Maybe this bastard was just trying to have a good time once again, he made his way to make me believe again... and YES I did beleive all his plans and promises. Not to mention that he wanted us to be exclusive to each other (nice drama)

You guys wouldn’t believe how I swallow each pain, pride and my dignity... It's just eating me continuously ..I'm drowning, yes I’ am... I'm so lost... I just wanna get over this...

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